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About the ISSS Portal

Welcome to the Marymount International Student & Scholar Services (ISSS) portal, the paperless application that will allow you to view and manage your immigration record!

Through the ISSS portal, you can learn about processes and initiate all requests regarding to your F-1 status. Use the navigation menu to access information and to make requests related to your SEVIS record / I-20 during your time at Marymount University. 

How to Access the Portal

All students can access and read content about the processes and requests. However, to create and submit a request or to review your profile, you must log in as a ISSS portal user.

  • New students will receive an email from ISSS with log in instructions within 5 business days after they submit their enrollment deposit and confirm that they will attend Marymount. New students must create their MU account first in order to obtain MU credentials. MU credentials are used to log into the ISSS portal. Click on the button in the upper right corner to login.

  • Current students log in using your MU credentials by clicking the login button in the upper right corner.

  • Students on OPT and OPT STEM Extension no longer have to transition to using their personal email addresses. For students graduating in May 2024 and after, you may continue to use your MU credentials as long as you log in to your Marymount student email account at least every 6 months. NOTE: As of February 2024, you must use MS Office 365 Outlook to access your Marymount student email account. Once OPT or OPT STEM Extension is completed, you may opt to obtain an MU Alumni email account. 

How to make an SEVIS / I-20 related request

When you log in to the ISSS portal, you will notice four number tabs across the top of the page (on your smartphone, remember to use landscape mode). Click on Tab 4: "Initiate & Manage Your Requests." There you will find a group of hyperlinked icons, one for each type of request. Click on the icon of your choice to start and follow the required steps. Once you click Submit, an international student advisor will automatically be notified of your request. Please allow up to 10 business days for processing of your request and plan accordingly. 

Please familiarize yourself with other tabs within the ISSS portal:
  • Select Tab 1 to check important announcements.
  • Select Tab 2 to review your profile, including your personal and academic information.
  • Select Tab 3 to see your financial information.
Download instructions to create a request through the ISSS portal

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