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Financial Support

As an F-1 student, it can be complicated finding financial support that you may be eligible for. We want you to feel welcome and supported here at Marymount University, so we have gathered a list of some resources available to you:


Marymount Financial Aid website for undergraduate students
Marymount Scholarships and Grant website for graduate students
Assistantships and employment for Graduate students
On campus job for undergraduate and graduate students
Online community of international students studying in the United States
Free online scholarship search service.
Free online scholarship search service designed for international students.
Free online scholarship database for international students wishing to study worldwide.
Food Security
Appollonie’s Campus Cupboards
A campus-wide initiative launched in Spring 2019. There are 5 cupboards located on-campus that offer different food items such as granola bars, beans, rice, oatmeal and more! The philosophy of Appollonie’s is simple: take what you need and give when you can.

In a community effort to address food security and promote health on campus, Marymount University Student Government Association has purchased meal swipes available upon request of a student – you will only need to show your student ID. If you are ever hungry, please ask for a SaintSwipe at the Gerard Dining Hall

To learn more you can visit the Marymount University Food Security website.