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Report Visa or Immigration Change

Students may choose to change their immigration status during their time of study.  If you changed your visa type or status type from F-1 visa to a different type of visa, please request an Immigration update form in the ISSS portal.

Do not submit this request until you are ready to terminate your F-1 record.
  • If you are sure that you are ready to terminate your F-1 record, please complete the following steps:
    • Log into your ISSS portal & go to tab 4
    • Click on the book icon with global that says Immigration Update Form
    • Please read carefully the disclaimer
    • Please upload your proof of a status change
    • Confirm you understand and attest to filling out the correct information
    • Hit submit

Submitting this request means you are asking ISSS to terminate or end your SEVIS record.  If your application for another immigration status is later denied, your future ability to request a non-immigrant visa or to change to a non-immigrant status in the US could be compromised.

ISSS advisors are not attorneys.  We do not provide legal advice.  We cannot know or be responsible for the legal result to you when we make the change you ask for.  We advise you to seek advice from an attorney before you make this request.