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I-983 for OPT STEM

The I-983 is required for F-1 students applying for and on the STEM OPT Extension.

Submit an I-983 when:
  • You are requesting a STEM OPT recommendation I-20 to apply for STEM OPT
  • At your 12-month reporting requirement (complete Evaluation on Student Progress)
  • At your 24-month reporting requirement (complete Final Evaluation on Student Progress)
  • When you start with a new employer on STEM OPT
  • When you leave an employer on STEM OPT (complete Final Evaluation on Student Progress)

ISSS has put together a Sample I-983 for you to reference when you fill out the I-983.

Always be sure to visit the ICE official website to download the most up-to-date version of the I-983 document.