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10 Steps to Success

1) Submit your Enrollment Deposit
For Undergraduate students, click here.
For Graduate students, click here.

2) Generate your Student Accounts
Use the Student Account Generator to create accounts and register for courses.

3) Submit all required documentation for your I-20

4) Register for New Student Orientation

5) Take the Directed-Self Placement (DSP) and/or register for classes.
For Undergraduate Students, click here.
For Graduate Students,  please log into Marynet to register for classes.

6) Register for Housing
All international students are encouraged to live on campus, and all students age 21 or younger and in their first four semesters of college are required to live on campus unless living with a parent or guardian within commuting distance of the campus. Please click here to read more.
If you are an Undergraduate student, please click here.
If you are a Graduate student, please click here.

7) Apply for an F-1 visa

8) Sign up for Health Insurance & Complete Medical Form
Marymount University requires all full-time undergraduate and graduate students to have health insurance. You can either purchase a health insurance plan through the University or provide proof of health insurance coverage through another source.

If you already have adequate insurance coverage, you may decline Marymount's health insurance by filling out an online waiver form. Otherwise, you will automatically be billed by the Student Accounts Office to cover the student health insurance fee. This waiver must be completed each year that you attend Marymount.

9) Pay your tuition bill

10) Immigration Check-In with International Student Services

10 steps to success

How to get your I-20➜