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I-20 Reprints

Students may request a reprint in case of an emergency and unforeseen situation. Additionally, if you lost and damaged your I-20, you can find your I-20’s in your ISSS portal by scrolling to the Documents section on tab 4. Initiate & Manage Request. 

How to request a reprint:
  1. Log into your ISSS Portal
  2. Go to tab 4. Initiate & Manage Request
  3. Click on the two pieces of paper icon that says I-20 reprint under it located on the right side of the screen
  4. Select the reason you are requesting the reprint
  5. Hit the orange submit button on the bottom of the pop-up screen
Once you hit submit, your request will be sent to our office and we will be able to process your request within a few business days. Please be aware that if you click on save instead of submit, you will be saving your request as a draft and it will not be submitted to our office. In order for your request to be sent to our office, you must hit submit.

processing time