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Declaration of Finances

Read F-1: Request I-20 (or J-1: Request DS-2019for important information and an overview of instructions before proceeding.

What is the Declaration of Finances?
Under U.S. government regulations, all international students attending a U.S. institution under F-1 or J-1 visa status must demonstrate the ability to meet all expenses associated with their first academic year of study. Admitted international students must submit this form and supporting financial documentation. International financial statements must be signed and stamped by a bank official. Sponsoring agencies, governments, or companies must provide a letter that includes the student’s name, the amount and currency to be provided each year, and the award period.  

The declaration of finances is a Marymount specific form in which explains the total estimated cost that international students must show in order to be issued an I-20. The bottom portion of this form should be completed and submitted in your I-20 application request. The account holder of your proof of funding document(s) must sign the bottom of the Declaration of Finances form. Students submitting more than one sponsor should have one form per sponsor. If you have a government sponsorship or scholarship awarded to you, you do not need their signature.  

Declaration of Finances form:

For students beginning their program in Fall 2024, Spring 2025, or Summer 2025, please use: 
Declaration of Finances AY 24/25.

IMPORTANT: Both the student and the funding sponsor (except government funding sponsor) MUST sign page 2 of the Declaration of Finances form. We accept the following methods of signature on the form:

  • "Wet" signature, physically with a black or blue pen. To provide a wet signature, print the completed form, physically sign it, scan the document (or take a photo of it), and upload the completed and fully signed document when submitting your Create I-20 request through the ISSS portal. 
  • Digital signature. This can be done directly on the PDF form using many different types of digital signature software, such as DocuSign, Adobe, etc., then save the completed/signed form, and upload it when submitting your Create I-20 request through the ISSS portal.
We do not accept:
  • Typed name as signature
  • Typed initials as signature

A Declaration of Finance form that is incomplete and/or does not include the required signature(s) will be returned to the student and may cause a delay in I-20 issuance. To avoid delay, make sure that you accurately complete the form and include any required signatures prior to submission.